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    Archery – find your team’s Robin Hood at Bernstorff Palace

    Mr. Joergen Graff-Nielsen is instructor at the Danish Archery School. Apart from being a teacher and coach, he is an ex team member of the Danish National Team and a World Championship shooter.  Joergen has over 19 years of archery experience and he has trained numerous coaches in various regional archery clubs.

    So you are in good hands for a competition:

    Find your team’s Robin Hood

    It starts with a warm welcome and a detailed briefing of the whole group (English is no problem!). Then the participants will get bow and arrow and start practicing.

    Joergen will check and give personalized instruction to each participant. However,  the whole group will also practice simultaneously.

    Your teams Robin Hood will depend on how you outline the competition: individually or in small teams?  Whichever you prefer, it is going to be fun.

    Here are some details:

    Duration: 1-1½ hours
    Location: In the park of the Palace, just outside the main building
    Min. number: 10 persons
    Max. number: To be agreed upon
    Prices: 3950,00 DKK for 10 participants. For each person over the group of 10: DKK  300 pr person. The prices mentioned are EXCL. of Danish VAT


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