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    Shoot your colleague in the Park

    Lazer Clay Pigeon Shooting is almost the same as the “normal” version

    However, when shooting with lazers 5 persons will aim at the SAME clay pigeon at the same time. The clay pigeon is neon coloured, if its an evening event it will be luminescent. The guns ar modified Remington shotguns with infrared technology. There will not be any recoil, but having the virtual sound, the feeling of shooting is just real.. 

    You will compete in 5 teams, and each team has one shooter in each round of the 5 different competitions each of which requires different skills, for example precision, speed or a combination of both.

    All hits are registered on the large digital pointboard until 10/20 shots have been taken by each shooter in each round. This means that everybody has up to 100 shots per event, with increasingly improved accuracy. And it is very often the small margins that make the difference.

    An event will take approximately 75-90 minutes, depending on the number of shooters.


    See a video of how it works

    Prices vary with the number of participants:

    Up to 10 persons: DKK 3000,00

    Up to 15 persons: DKK 3500,00

    Up to 20 persons: DKK 4000,00

    Up to 25 persons: DKK 4500,00

    If you combine Clay Pigeon Shooting with one of our other options, i.e. Segway or The Pipe, we will grant you a discount of 30% on the second acitiviy.