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    Bernstorff Palace offers offices for rent

    Get your Company Address at the Palace

    An exquisite visiting address is not the only upside. Our tenants profit from the offers and services of Bernstorff Palace on preferred conditions: internet, reception- and postal service, telephone service, garden and yard facilities, breakfast and lunch arrangements.

    As an extra bonus tenants can book hotel rooms and meeting rooms at really attractive prices.


    Another option is to rent a "virtual office", including telephone, reception and postal service, the use of our exclusive address on your home page and stationary, and the rent of meeting rooms by the hour. Lunch arrangements for you and your clients can be part of the agreement.

    Vacancies on the Office Floors

    Address with Palace Factor

    We have no vacancies right now. Contact Camilla, our hotel manager to know more. Her phone number is +4561998278