Bernstorff Slots


Perhaps North Zealand's most beautiful premises.

Bernstorff Castle's pride - the food

Every meal served at Bernstorff Castle is a culinary experience and tour that changes with the seasons and the ingenuity of the kitchen. And it's big and colorful.

Pia, our head chef, only works with fresh ingredients and makes everything from scratch, with the utmost focus on the taste experience. In the kitchen at Bernstorff Castle, pickling, marinating and smoking are carried out, and organic products are used where they give the best taste and make the most sense.

Bernstorff Castle hosts several occasions and events of various kinds. Check the Events tab or follow our social media for regular updates so you don't miss the opportunity to experience the kitchen's revelations.


The restaurant at Bernstorff Castle

5 beautiful living rooms form the restaurant

High ceilings, meter-high windows, wonderful light, views of Bernstorff Castle Gardens

In the middle is the Garden Room, the oval heart of Bernstorff Palace. Symmetrically to either side are the Music and Queen's Room to one side and the Tea and King's Room to the other.

In the King's Room you can see the historic doorpost where King Christian IX measured his children, grandchildren, guests and other good people when they visited Bernstorff Castle.

The nicest place in the entire castle

The castle basement

Atmosphere and historical feeling under the vaults

Slotskælderen is the perfect place for a good time, good conversation and an extra good glass. There is a wine room, a fireplace room, a bar and a TV room. A super cozy setting after the meeting or after dinner and right up until closing time.

A look inside

Bernstorff Slots restaurant

Suitable format for all occasions

Company brunch (minimum 35 people)

Birthday, anniversary, christening, silver or golden wedding anniversary.

With a minimum of 35 people, we have just the right setting for your company brunch. You get your own room and have it for 4 hours.

It will also be Christmas in 2024

Christmas 2024

Company Christmas party, Christmas market and family lunches

In 2024, Bernstorff Castle can once again be the setting for the company Christmas lunch or family reunion.
The castle is decorated to the highest standards by Royal Court supplier Bjarne Als from Bering House of Flowers, which in itself is worth a visit and spiced with food from our fantastic kitchen, where everything is made from scratch and from the best ingredients, we guarantee an experience that brings smiles on the lips and the Christmas spirit right into the body.

Give us a call at 39631080 or check out the Events tab, where we'll detail this year's opportunities as soon as they are released.


What the basement offers

Wine list

The wines at Bernstorff Slot are typically from smaller houses, preferably from organic chateaus and at reasonable prices.


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