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    The Restaurant

    Enjoy the beautiful Salons of the Restaurant

    Every meal served at Bernstorff Palace is a culinary experience and tour de force that changes with the season and the ingenuity of the kitchen. And it's big and colorful.
    Pia, our head chef, works as a matter of principle only with fresh ingredients and makes everything from scratch, with the utmost focus on the taste experiences. The kitchen at Bernstorff Palace, pickles, boils, marinates and smokes on a regular basis, and organic produces are used, where they give the best taste and make the most sense.

    Bernstorff Palace open its doors for numerous occasions and events of various kinds. Look under the Events tab or follow our social media for continuous updates, so you don't miss the opportunity to experience the kitchen's revelations.

    The Restaurant

    Five Pleasing Rooms form the Restaurant

    High Ceilings, huge Windows, stunning Views to the Park

    Do not miss to take a look at the historical doorpost in the King's Room. It is quite enjoyable to see where King Christian IX measured his children, grandchildren and guests, when visiting Bernstorff Palace.

    The Cellar

    A Cosy Gem in the Basement

    Ambiance and Historical Feeling

    The cellar is the ideal place for informal get-togethers, before dinner drinks, after dinner drinks, and cheerful conversations. The cellar has 4 sections: a Wine Room, a Fireplace Room, a Bar and a TV-Lounge. All of them are warm, friendly and intimate. Drinks and snacks are served here until midnight.

    Wine List

    What the Cellar his hiding

    The wines we offer at Bernstorff Palace have been carefully selected. They originate from small, often organic chateaux and sell at reasonable prices.
    Read the wine list here