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    Soft Drinks, Coca Cola, Zero, Juices 32,00 kr
    Natural or sparkling Water - Nornir 80 cl 48,00 kr
    Beer - pilsner 48,00 kr
    Special beer - Jacobsen 58,00 kr
    House Wine, white or red pr. bottle 350,00 kr
    House Wine, white or red pr. glass 75,00 kr
    Homemade chocolate 55,00 kr
    Homemade chocolate and caramel chunks 30,00 kr
    "The Zarina's aperitif" 1 glass of Cava with Bottle Green syrup 60,00 kr
    Danish sweet treats 500 gr. 150,00 kr
    Snacks (peanuts, chips, nuts) with dip 47,00 kr
    Vegetable sticks pr. person 45,00 kr
    Late night snack pr. person 155,00 kr
    Birthday cake, addition to the package pr. person 55,00 kr
    Selection of brandy, rum, liqeurs pr. 3 cl. 75,00 kr
    Upgrade of conference dinner to banquet dinner must be agreed upon, pr. person 225,00 kr
    Conference dinner separée including banquet table lay pr. person 250,00 kr
    Rent fo Queen Louises Teahouse for afternoon tea must be prebooked 2500,00 kr