Bernstorff Castle

Variable room rates

Hotel rooms

All our rooms have a double bed, bathroom with shower, electric kettle, coffee, tea, cocoa, free parking and include breakfast (may vary during holiday periods - read details when booking).

Room rates vary according to supply and demand

It is possible to bring your dog in one of our double rooms (ask for it when booking) price DKK 300,-/per night payable on departure. If you bring a dog without approval, a cleaning fee of DKK 1.500,- will be charged.

Rooms are booked via at Bernstorff Slot

Bernstorff Castle

Separate beds

In most double rooms, the beds can be separated so that it is possible for 2 people to stay overnight without having to "spoon". We need to know at least 24 hours before you arrive, otherwise we won't be able to get the beds in place.

Bernstorff Castle

Extra bed

In several of the largest double rooms we can offer an extra bed

DKK 450.00 per night, extra bed for adults, including breakfast

DKK 250.00 per night, children's bed (under 14 years) or baby cot, incl. breakfast

Bernstorff Castle

Party room

If you stay at the hotel in connection with the evening party at Bernstorff Castle, the cost is

DKK 1,125.00 per night for a single room including breakfast

DKK 1,495.00 per night for a double room including breakfast

Party rooms can be booked directly via the reception at 39631080 or send us an email to