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Are you looking for a conference room where you can hold a conference, a course or a larger meeting?

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At Bernstorff Castle you'll find unique locations for your conference - from intimate meeting rooms to large conference halls with space for up to 100+ participants. Explore our conference rooms below and find your favorite venue. 

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If there is something special you need, feel free to contact us. We'll find a solution. Call us on +45 39 63 10 80 or send an email to and book your next conference room in North Zealand's most beautiful surroundings at Bernstorff Castle.

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With its neoclassical style and beautiful location, Bernstorff Castle provides a beautiful setting for many types of events. The royal family used the castle as a summer residence until 1939. In 2009, the castle was converted into a hotel, banquet and conference center, which fits well with the purpose for which the castle was built. Above the entrance to the castle there is a quote in Latin with the inscription: "Sanctified well-deserved rest between working hours".

We have 8 plenary rooms and 6 group rooms where we can create the perfect setting. Whatever the occasion, we can welcome you and your colleagues or students in a beautiful and stylish space. We also offer exceptional food service and enjoyable activities - also outdoors. This way we ensure that your conference will be unforgettable.

From 2 to +100 participants - nothing is too big or too small

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At Bernstorff Castle you can find a conference room that meets your aesthetic expectations but also takes into account the number of your participants.

Whether you want to organize a small, elegant event with 2 participants or a larger event with over 100 participants, Bernstorff Castle is the perfect location for you. Below you can click through the different conference rooms that also function as meeting rooms in North Zealand.

Conference rooms extraordinary

Conference rooms in beautiful settings and picturesque surroundings

Would you like to let the nature of North Zealand be the setting for your next conference? We offer beautiful conference rooms in beautiful surroundings that provide the best conditions for a successful event.

Bernstorff Castle is located in beautiful natural surroundings with a forest and castle park. The neoclassical style gives the castle a simple exterior, but every detail has been carefully considered, which is also true inside. The conference rooms offer natural light and views of the picturesque castle park, ensuring the best conditions for your conference.

We believe that the scenic and aesthetic setting encourages new ideas, thought processes and team building. That's why the 250-year-old setting at Bernstorff Castle also reflects the tranquility of creative thinking.

Our conference rooms are steeped in history and tradition, and the authentic conference rooms are suitable for any occasion.

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Want to hold your next conference at Bernstorff Castle? We offer spacious and historically beautiful conference rooms that meet your needs and provide the setting for a successful conference. We also offer various options for conference rooms that can be tailored to your needs.

All our meeting packages always include room rental, WiFi, projects/canvas or click-share, flipchart, whiteboard, pads, pens and ice water in the room.

Formidable facilities

Facilities for all purposes

At Bernstorff Castle you will find unique conference rooms and we have several meeting packages to choose from. We take care of all the practicalities so that the conference rooms meet your needs. We have different sizes of conference rooms to accommodate both large conferences and intimate meetings.

If you need AV equipment, we make sure the conference room is ready on arrival with everything you need. We use ClickShare technology, which makes it quick and easy to connect your computer to the big screen. Our restaurant provides catering and all meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Depending on the meeting package you choose, you'll get a culinary experience that reflects the season and the ingenuity of the kitchen.

If you need accommodation for your conference, we can also help with this. We offer accommodation in single rooms with breakfast included.