Conferences at Bernstorff Castle 2024


Put the crown on the work. Hold the conference at Bernstorff Castle.

Conference in a great setting

A 250-year-old setting rhymes well with modern meeting and conference facilities. On top of that, the location is unique.

9 km from the center of Copenhagen and yet in the middle of the beautiful nature of Bernstorff Castle Gardens.

The main building, the majestic white castle with its black glazed tile roof, dates from 1765. It houses the White Hall for up to 50 people, five plenary rooms for up to 30 people and several group and conversation rooms. The high-ceilinged restaurant lounges and the cozy Slotskælder are also located in the main building. At Bernstorff Castle you will find unique conference rooms.

Kavalergaarden, the authentic 3-long half-timbered house from the mid-1800s, houses the 2 largest modern meeting rooms for up to 100 people. The hotel rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors are also located here. 

How do I book a meeting?

Contact the booking team

Contact our booking team at or tel. 39 63 10 80

Experience, service, sparring and quick response are the keywords for contact with us at Bernstorff Slot.

Try us - you won't be disappointed.

How much does it cost?


The price depends on how long you need the space, how much and at what times you want to eat, and whether you want to stay overnight.

Check out the different package options.

At the conference

Food & drink

Bernstorff Castle has had the same head chef since 2009, when it all started, which is your guarantee of consistently high quality.

Everything is homemade from scratch using fresh seasonal and - as far as possible - organic ingredients.


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When you need to work in groups

Group rooms

Plenary room for many - group room for few.

Group rooms must be booked to ensure availability. Group rooms cost from DKK 1.200,00 per room per day

The group rooms are basically equipped with 1 table and 4-8 chairs. They are not "born" with AV equipment, but if you need a flipchart or anything else, we will of course provide it.


Practical information

Technology & AV equipment

A survey conducted by Danish Conference Centers among meeting bookers shows that modern AV equipment is at the top of the wish list when meeting bookers are choosing where to hold their next meeting or conference. We understand why, because it can be very annoying to spend time fiddling with technology (Have you tried restarting it?) when you'd rather focus on the content of the meeting.

That's why we use ClickShare technology at Bernstorff Castle. Because it's so simple and efficient to use that everyone can participate: You plug the ClickShare button into the USB port on your computer, press the button and the content from your computer screen is displayed on the big screen in the room. It's even possible to connect multiple computers at the same time and then switch between views by pressing the ClickShare button. It's incredibly easy and user-friendly and with ClickShare we ensure that our guests can focus on getting the most out of their meetings.

In addition, a technician is always on hand to help you get started and help can be called in at any time if needed - at no extra cost. With Bernstorff Castle as your venue, we've thought of everything.

Practical information

Need to know and nice to know

We have an idea of what you need to know. Find some of the answers here. But at Bernstorff Castle, we love to TALK to our customers. So give us a call on 39 63 10 80. We're ready with advice and guidance.


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