Get back on track after the summer break

Ah, summer vacation - that time of year when the sunglasses come on, the books unfold and the hours fly by. For many, summer vacation is an indispensable and much-needed break where you can let your circadian rhythm slip, put healthy eating and good habits on hold for a while and unplug from the ticking inbox. But before you know it, the days are gone and reality is knocking at the door. It's time to get back into your work clothes.

However, it's easier said than done, as many people struggle to find motivation and inspiration when they open their inbox and are greeted by hundreds of flashing urgent emails and numerous tasks to catch up on. It can feel like diving into the cold sea after a sunbath: a sudden shock that gets your heart rate up. But as with any transition, adaptation is key. Giving yourself time to rediscover the routine, to embrace the small breaks and find joy in the familiar can really change the game when it comes to returning to everyday life.

Let's dive into the cold sea of everyday life with a series of tips to ensure your transition from summer relaxation to workday is smooth.

1. Get your circadian rhythm under control

After many weeks of vacation, it's only natural that your circadian rhythm shifts a little. But sleep is crucial to a person's mood and overall well-being. That's why it's important that you use the last few nights of your vacation to try to reverse your circadian rhythm.
A stable circadian rhythm improves concentration, energy levels and thus also job satisfaction. Gradually adjusting your sleep can help you get used to your normal sleep routine, which can be a huge help when you return from vacation.

2. Treat your employees a little extra

As an employer, there are also some things you can do to help your employees recover well. For example, it might be a good idea to buy a treat. This small gesture can show your employees that you appreciate them and help create a positive atmosphere.

Giving your employees an out-of-home experience can also boost productivity and job satisfaction. For example, invite your team to Bernstorff Castle, where the well-maintained conference facilities, beautiful natural surroundings and original conference rooms are guaranteed to provide a gentle and pleasant transition to everyday life.

Castle garden around Bernstorff Slot

Bernstorff Castle and the surrounding gardens are the perfect setting for an out-of-home experience

3. Step up slowly

It's important to remember that coming back is not a sprint, but a marathon. Give yourself time to get your bearings, reassess your priorities and get going at a steady pace. If you rush back, you run the risk of quickly becoming stressed and burning out - and no one wants that, including your employer.

That's why it's okay - and to everyone's benefit - to stop and have a cup of coffee while you hear about your colleagues' summer vacations from time to time. It's good for you, your colleagues and your employer if the work environment is calm and pleasant after a vacation.

4. Resume relationships

Spend time reconnecting with your colleagues. It can also be a good idea to hear about your colleagues' summer vacations at the coffee machine or to socialize during lunch breaks. This way, the work environment can be nice and welcoming so that going to work doesn't become a chore.

As an employer, you can, for example, strengthen the togetherness by taking your employees on a stay for a few days. Gather the team in beautiful natural surroundings at Bernstorff Castle, where you can be inspired by the beautiful nature, enjoy peace and quiet and - not least - hold productive meetings and conferences in the many well-maintained meeting rooms. Not only is it good for morale, but it also helps you catch up on what you might have missed.

Meeting room at the castle

The meeting rooms at Bernstorff Castle offer the perfect setting for productive meetings after a well-deserved summer vacation

5. Avoid taking everything at once

Sitting in front of your overflowing vacation inbox can feel like standing at the foot of a mountain with your eyes fixed on the distant peak. Trying to climb this 'mountain' without preparation or thought would not only be insurmountable - it would be exhausting. The same is true in the workplace when it comes to tackling all the tasks you missed during your vacation.

Take a deep breath and give yourself space to land gently. Instead of diving headfirst into the work pile, you might want to have a chat with your colleagues or superiors to get a clear picture of the expectations you have of yourself in the first days back from vacation.

6. Set personal boundaries

When you return from a break, it's natural to think about how you can best navigate your work life. Consider your work-life balance. Are there patterns or habits that no longer serve you well? Perhaps you tend to work late, or maybe you say yes to too many projects?

Right now is an excellent time to take a step back and assess what's working for you and what can be improved. Commit to adopting healthy work habits that promote both your productivity and wellbeing.

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Healthy work habits promote productivity and well-being

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